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Threadneedle Prize

Today saw the return of my painting Transition after being pre-selected for the Threadneedle Prize for Painting and Sculpture 2012. Unfortunately I didn’t make it into the exhibition this time. Good luck to the 154 pieces of work that got through.

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Artist Website – Marcus Linnenbrink

Previously I’ve questioned whether artists need a personal website, so I thought I’d post a link to an artist called Marcus Linnenbrink. I not only like his work but also his website. The layout is simple and clear. I’m particularly impressed by how all the different aspects of his artistic output are brought together and […]

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Join the Blog/Website Revolution!

In my last post I introduced my ideas about how blog’s can be created to incorporate website features such as pages (this ‘blog’ being such an example) and compared this process to how websites can contain a blog. I think of my personal blog as a ‘Blog/Website‘ but wanted to take it a step further […]

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Do Artists NEED a website?

I have revamped my blog AGAIN! I have been delaying creating my own website mainly because I feel that Blogger is becoming so flexible that, given the right amount of tweaks can look and feel like a personal website. Of course it makes sense for an artist to have his or her own website, as […]

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The following is an example of a private painting commission that Lee recently completed. It is based on the painting Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2 (1912) by Marcel Duchamp.  The painting is presented in a waxed oak frame with brass hinge details. The main body of the image is split into two panels, which […]

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