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Short Thoughts – Corruption Sometimes Appears as Compromise – The Authentic Artist

The path of an artist is always going to be and is also well-known as being a difficult one. The term ‘artist’ I will use here in the context of someone who has decided to dedicate their life, or rather their immediate life for an unknown duration to the pursuit and lifestyle of thinking, making […]

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From Bester to Beck – Our Past Is Our Future?

There’s been a notion festering at the back of my mind for a while. At what point does the supposed ideal presented to us of faster, better and easier collapse in on itself like a hastily built structure? Step forward to suggest that doing something slower and committing to something that takes time and effort […]

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Short Thoughts – The Successful Artist – Location Location Location?

The internet gives the impression that if an artist has a website and makes their work available to buy online, then their audience is potentially global (there are many artists producing work in isolation that are able to support their practice through online sales). If what you make lends itself to the ‘in the flesh’ […]

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Short Thoughts – Capturing Ideas – Should we write or remember?

For some artists, ideas are the bread and butter of their practice. For others, actions take precedence. Personally I feel my own practice is a mixture of both. Ideas come and go, as does the immersion in the action of doing/making that ultimately feeds back into my ideas. I tend to write a few words […]

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