American artist Ed Ruscha curates a major show in Vienna.

I remember towards the end of 2009 I went to see a retrospective exhibition of the American painter Ed Ruscha at the Hayward Gallery in London. I’d spent the majority of my day at Tate Britain and then Tate Modern, probably having a look at the Turner Prize exhibition. I certainly remember Ruscha’s exhibition, called 50 Years of Painting. It was late in the day and I arrived at the gallery with about an hour left before closing time. I very nearly had the gallery to myself. Usually after a day of looking at artwork your eyes are pretty shot and looking at more artwork leads to a lack of appreciation. In this case, after a short amount of time in the gallery looking at Ruscha’s paintings I was renewed and inspired.

Ed Ruscha has curated an exhibition, the first in a series by contemporary masters at the Kunsthistorisches gallery in Vienna titled, The Ancients Stole All Our Great Ideas. As the title suggests, the exhibition is of Vienna’s art treasures, selected by Ruscha himself. The task was to select 35 pieces from literally hundreds.

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