Contemporary Fine Artist Lee Gascoyne 2012

Lee Gascoyne 2012 (Image Courtesy of Rory Garforth Photography)

Hello, my name is Lee Gascoyne. I was born in Yorkshire and currently live in the town of Warton in Lancashire, which is in the North West of England.

I’ve lived quite an eclectic life so far. I took all the art subjects I could get my hands on at school and was all set to go to art college, but my intentions took a diversion and I became an apprentice at a sign design company instead. During my first year or so of this apprenticeship my interest in music grew and I started to learn to play the guitar. I progressed quickly and had a thirst for more, so I plotted my path into music by enrolling onto a 2 year course at my local college. While studying music I played in a couple of bands before teaming up with a fellow student, where we formed our own band and later recruited a couple more local musicians. We went on to write some great songs and had amazing experiences whilst recording our music and playing live. At one point we recorded in the famous Metropolis Studios in London, with Polydor Records coming in to chat to us. As with so many band stories, that crucial next step wasn’t made and the band slowly broke apart. The next chapter of my life meant leaving that lifestyle behind, as I’d decided that I didn’t want to go through that whole process again.

Honey Love band promo photo Lee Gascoyne

Lee Gascoyne 1993 – Band Promotional Photo

I went to see a careers advisor and sat a psychometric aptitude test that was designed to suggest career options. The outcome was that I would be ideally suited to ‘Scientist’ or ‘Artist’. As I’d just emerged from such a creative period and was still recovering from the collapse of the dream of being a professional musician, I chose the scientist route. So I went back to college, this time to study the sciences over an intensive year-long course. Just as this course came to an end a friend asked me if I would like to go traveling through India for an unknown duration. Ten weeks later I returned. It was a truly great adventure.

Lee Gascoyne India

Lee Gascoyne 2000 – Dharamsala, India.

Once I’d recovered from the India trip, I managed to secure a position in a hospital as a trainee Audiologist. Over the next few years I became a fully qualified Audiologist and later moved to a different hospital, becoming a Senior Audiologist. Working in such a profession, I met such a wide variety of people and learned valuable lessons in being able to adapt to their needs and problem solve. After so long though, I began to realise that I needed to reconnect with my re-emerging creative streak.

While working as an Audiologist I would still improvising music on my guitar in my spare time and even took a year-long part-time course in Graphic Design. Eventually I came to the decision that I wanted to study at degree level in a creative subject. In order to keep costs down I looked into courses at my local university campus. I left Audiology and enrolled full-time onto a BA (Hons) Interdisciplinary Art & Design, graduating with a first class honours in 2011. I was awarded the Chancellors Prize for Outstanding Achievement by an Undergraduate, which is awarded to those students that average above 80% throughout their 2nd and 3rd years of study. At the end of my 1st year I was awarded Emerging Artist of the Year by a local art gallery in their Open Art exhibition. As a result of this, I was invited to team up with existing established artists and industry professionals to work on art projects and exhibitions throughout my degree.

Artist Lee Gascoyne receiving the Chancellors Prize for Outstanding Achievement by an Undergraduate 2011

Receiving the Chancellors Prize for Outstanding Achievement by an Undergraduate 2011 – Awarded for averaging above 80% through the 2nd & 3rd years of my degree.

At the time of my graduation, I was asked by University Campus Barnsley to take on a project where I would collaborate towards a final exhibition the following year. The result of which is the installation Sci-lence of Man. Also around that time I was invited to exhibit at 53 Degrees North at The New School House Gallery in York, which is a yearly showcase exhibition of art graduates around the country.  Over recent months I was invited to meet and discuss one of my paintings with HRH The Prince of Wales during a royal visit to my university. I have exhibited in Sheffield at Heartbeat Gallery on West Bar Green, at the Hutton’s Buildings on West Street as part of Here/There/Everywhere, and most recently at The Nichols Building in Shalesmoor. I’ve also exhibited at and participated in a question and answer session with the art students at Darton College in Barnsley.

HRH Prince Charles talking with Artist Lee Gascoyne during a royal visit 2012

With HRH Prince Charles discussing one of my paintings during a royal visit to University Campus Barnsley 2011



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