Creative Sharing on Facebook – Altruism Works & Here’s The Proof!

Altruism is the selfless concern for the welfare of others, which is both a belief and a practice. In life we are encouraged to be competitive in order to ‘get ahead’, which means that we end up putting ourselves first in order to try to make this happen. Often this way of thinking leads to the jealousy of other people’s success and the desire to suppress their achievements through derision. In this instance, the belief is that if we see talented people and actively promote them, we’ll be left behind in the competitive creative world and they’ll go from strength to strength ahead of us. The altruistic way, in terms of trying to make it as an artist, is to promote and sing the praises of other creatives as well as our own. It’s inevitable that as we become increasingly involved in the creative world and in particular the specialism that we have chosen, we’ll stumble upon others that have amazing talents. One of the pitfalls is to compare ourselves to them, which is another form of competition. This is something I touch on in my blog post Let’s Achieve Something Great Together 9 – Progress Makes Perfect.

In order to achieve great things we have to be pretty single-minded, self motivated, relentlessly enthusiastic and nurture self belief . This could at first hand seem selfish, but we’re all in a position to be great at whatever it is that we do, should we choose to. We’ve all got our own journey to make. When we see a kindred spirit, another person trying to nurture self belief, trying to motivate themselves, giving them a helping hand by promoting them has great benefits. The bottom line is, it feels good to promote someone else. They’ll feel great and in the process a few more people will have come in contact with their endeavours. This is truly a win win situation. In other words, in order to ‘get ahead’ we have to invest in ourselves as well as others. The old adage ‘what goes around, comes around’ springs to mind.

To illustrate this. Yesterday I chose to share a link to the blog of an artist I know online called Michelle Clark-Stables (I’ve also been tweeting, posting and blogging about artists and creatives that I like for a while). The same day a friend of mine (who features in my latest painting) asked if she could share a link to my blog on Facebook. Later in the day Michelle also shared one of my blog posts on Facebook. The following images show site statistics for my website from both WordPress and Google Analytics.

WordPress Site Statistics Example

WordPress Site Statistics Example – Lee Gascoyne 2012

Google Analytics Site Statistics Example

Google Analytics Site Statistics Example – Lee Gascoyne 2012

This sudden and unmistakable instant spike in my website activity is, as I see it, proof that sharing and promoting the work of other people through the altruistic value of putting others before ourselves definitely brings great benefits. As a contemporary fine artist, part of the purpose of making art is for it to be seen and enjoyed. Here, I know for sure more people have seen my work. I can only assume that when I promote the work of others that it creates a similar effect.

Later in the day I had the idea to create the Facebook group that I called Creative Sharing. The description I wrote for the group is as follows: Creative Sharing is a group dedicated to the promotion of each other. If you are an artist or work in a creative field and want to promote other people, then this is the group to be involved in! Self promotion happens by default, as you will be promoted by another group member somewhere along the line.

Creative Sharing has many enthusiastic like-minded group members ready to promote other creatives. Come join us!

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