Do Artists NEED a website?

I have revamped my blog AGAIN! I have been delaying creating my own website mainly because I feel that Blogger is becoming so flexible that, given the right amount of tweaks can look and feel like a personal website. Of course it makes sense for an artist to have his or her own website, as it consolidates their work into one place and very often has a blog stream built in. But equally the counter could be questioned in that could website ‘features’ such as pages and tabs etc be built around a blog? It appears to me that the answer is yes. I have been ‘tweaking’ my blog for months now as new gadgets have been introduced by Blogger and no doubt will continue to do so in the future. If we were to suggest that a blog represents the voice or ‘mouth’ of the artist online which Chris Guillebeau & Zoe Westhof do in their Unconventional Guide to Art & Money (they also go into the concept of the ‘Heart’, ‘Ears’ and ‘Limbs’ of the artist online, amongst other useful ideas) then it makes sense that this aspect should be the dominant feature for an artist’s online presence. For example, when we engage in conversation we don’t go straight to the other person’s ‘heart’. I think this is a case of going with whatever works for you at the time. It’s all a learning curve and we all know the best way to learn is to do it. Maybe I’ll get myself one of them there websites!
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