Free Book – Selling Art Online 2019 – a Review

Pages from Selling Art Online 2019 – a FREE book by creativehub

I imagine a common opener for many bloggers is “I’ve not posted in a while” and so I’m going to join in (let my quote count as my opening statement!). I built my WordPress Site in 2011 and had quite a bit of momentum for trying to become established online. Unfortunately with a mixture of significant changes in circumstances and lifestyle, with a heavy dose of frustration and self doubt thrown in, that momentum quickly dissipated. The above FREE book Selling Art Online 2019 by highlights this pitfall in the chapter The Challenges of Selling Art Online:

“Getting frustrated early on is common, with many having unrealistic expectations that simply building a website is enough to generate art sales, whereas in fact that’s just the start of the journey!…”

At the time I had (and to a certain extent still do) “unrealistic expectations” that I managed to temper with some of the hard work that creativehub’s book goes into detail about. I just wasn’t able to keep going with it. I’m now in a different position, hence my openness to research how it’s done, by those that are doing it and building success.

I’d like to congratulate creativehub for producing an informative book for FREE (you do pay postage BTW). We all love free stuff!

Selling Art Online 2019 – a FREE book by creativehub

The book’s contents include:

  • The size and growth of the online market
  • Why people buy art online
  • How should an artist price and size their art?
  • The challenges of selling art online
  • Instagram; creating engagement for artists
  • The creativehub solution for selling art online
  • creativehub enables you to grow a roster of artists
  • Useful apps for online art stores
  • Summary – Selling art online in 5 steps

It’s an engaging, easy read, particularly if you are hungry for this kind of knowledge, which is surprisingly familiar to us. It’s as if we kind of know what to do already, but lack the motivation, belief, time, inspiration or momentum to keep engaged with our own online (or offline) practices.

Natasha Arselan of who is one of several online creatives featured in the book summarises this:

“I think whenever you are building something, whether it’s online or offline, I think momentum is the key”

Another contributor interviewed by creativehub is Kate Mothes of @yngspc, who when asked what one piece of advice she would give, gave this answer:

“Follow you work, let it take you places. This isn’t always easy to grasp, but deep down you know when you’re trying to take it places it doesn’t want to go. The work should be the central focus all the time, regardless of whether it’s getting you followers on Instagram or making sales – or not.”

Kate also says:

“You need to think about who you want to reach? By extension, what are you trying to accomplish?”

Selling Art Online 2019 is full of useful tips, statistics and quotes from people (as far as we know) making money and ultimately a living from online sales. In a way, individual artists are in fact micro businesses unto themselves, trying to hit that magic ratio of doing what you are passionate about and getting paid enough to keep doing it (as well as pay the bills!).

I’m in a position now that I’ve been able to make changes to my lifestyle (reduced my day job to 3 days a week) to enable me to focus more on my artwork, as well as online and offline engagement.

Jaymal Nathwani of during his interview for the book presents us with an inspiring call to action:

“The biggest lesson has been; be willing to go out there and present yourself and why you are doing something”

You can find the book HERE to order

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