Inspiration Comes From Many Sources – My little tribute to Ronald Jenkees, Gwenn Seemel & Chris Guillbeau.

The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of inspiration is; the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. To be honest, as an artist I get inspired quite often, but sometimes an incident, experience, book, film, music or persons etc come along that are worth a note. Today I’d like to mention three people who I’ve been introduced to or stumbled across, well the online or written experience of them anyway. The first is a musician called Ronald Jenkees who totally bowled me over with the positivity and energy he projects through his music and YouTube videos. The second is an artist called Gwenn Seemel who is an established professional that specialises in portraiture and blogs in both English and French. The third is the writer and traveler Chris Guillebeau who wrote amongst other books The Art of Non-Conformity.

I like Ronald because he has no pretension whatsoever and is so immersed in his art-form that he just does his thing and eventually the world picks up on it. Gwenn really puts herself out there by blogging about topical issues that relate to the art she creates, as well as her own personal reflections on her life’s developments. She is a great painter and portraiture artist, I love her style. Again, similar to Ronald, her artwork feels full of energy and creativity. Chris is like a punch in the face to anyone procrastinating about their ambitions. He doesn’t say ‘follow me’ or ‘do what I do because it’s better’, he simply says, this is what I have done, you/I/we are capable of so much more than what we tend to accept through fear or circumstance (this is not a direct quote from Chris by the way, but is my reinterpreted summary of his book!).

I’d like to thank Ronald, Gwenn and Chris for being themselves.

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