Join the Blog/Website Revolution!

In my last post I introduced my ideas about how blog’s can be created to incorporate website features such as pages (this ‘blog’ being such an example) and compared this process to how websites can contain a blog. I think of my personal blog as a ‘Blog/Website‘ but wanted to take it a step further and question whether a blog layout can be customised to the point of functioning like a website and be thought of as such? Do we really care whether its url contains the word blogspot or tumblr etc? Surely it’s the content that matters the most, right? Armed with my experience of customising my personal Blog/Website I created another… well now I have to invent another term for this, which I am going to call a Website/Blog, simple but effectively illustrates the difference. The difference being that it will not be used as blog until it is deemed appropriate and will serve as a ‘traditional’ website, all thanks to the Blogger platform, thanks Blogger!
Of course you will need to see for yourself, the link below with take you to a Website/Blog that I’ve created specifically for a branch of my artwork. Come an join the Blog/Website or even Website/Blog revolution!

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