Let’s Achieve Something Great Together 10 – Exploring ‘Hidden’ Depths.

When we paint in what could be called a representational, figurative or realistic style, each artist has a unique decision to make. How much visual ‘information’ is necessary? Does adding more ‘detail’ mean that the painting gets increasingly better? There is of course no clear-cut answer to these questions, which is why it is so engaging to make representational paintings. In the process there are continual discoveries and many avenues to explore. All of which relates to whatever each artist has in mind and the artistic journey that they are on. Personally I lean towards to Diego Velazquez rather than Chuck Close in terms of detail. I don’t intend to try to hide the touch of the brush as in photorealism, but aim to allow an economy of touch that brings together a realism that is uniquely a painters reality. Part of the trick so to speak of representational painting is to paint what we see, rather than what we think we see. The closer we look, the more it seems there is. What was previously hidden to the eye suddenly becomes visible through the simple act of looking. In that I mean, really looking. Not staring a hole in something, but relaxed, gentle and repetitive looking. When those hidden depths are revealed, the secret of realism comes along with it.

I’ve been making progress in my latest painting that runs throughout this series of blog posts. Here are a few more development photographs to explore.

Please click on the images to view larger.

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