Let’s Achieve Something Great Together 12 – Finishing, Hard Work & Ambition.

This post is the last in this series and I want to end on the topic of finishing and the hard work that is needed for this to take place. For those of you that haven’t been following. The series of blog posts I’ve been writing titled Let’s Achieve Something Great Together follow the creation of my painting titled Grab Your Eyes.

Through these blog posts, my intention was to open up my processes, thoughts and ideas during the making of a major piece of artwork. The notion itself is daunting, mainly because making art can be a bit of an emotional roller-coaster that presents the artist with many challenges and a constant stream of decision-making. When all of the challenges have been met and all decisions made, eventually the artist arrives at the end, the completion of the task. The initial vision of the artist has been made real (although its final form may not take the exact shape of the original vision), which represents the series of choices the artist made during its creation in response to the unfolding physical reality of the artwork. This process the artist throws themselves into is by no means ‘relaxing’, as is the cliché attributed to the practice of painting. Anyone who thought they’d enroll on a watercolour course because it looked relaxing, soon realises that the process throws up all sorts of emotional reactions based around the notion of control. There are parts of the process of making a painting that could be called ‘comfortable’ due to familiarity, but the artist that doesn’t feel some element of challenge in either the physical task, thought processes or decision-making is, in my opinion, not stretching themselves enough and settling for comfort (but all this depends on what type of ‘artist’ you currently are). The conditions and circumstance that enable us to make art are rare and hard-won, regardless of the above difficulty once the work begins!

  Making art is hard work. It takes a lot of time, determination and self belief to complete. The circumstances that allow this process to continue are rare and requires sacrifice.

Due to a lack of understanding, the career path of an artist sounds like a ‘recreational’ career. The lifestyle is definitely unconventional, but the path is not easy. Inevitably there has to be some exchange of money in order to allow the artist to continue making their art, which adds another level of difficulty on top of the circumstance and process of making the art in the first place.

The underlying ambition behind my art is to make work that is uplifting and inspiring. To create an art experience that reinforces the belief in ourselves that we can achieve great things in whatever pursuit we choose.

My finished painting Grab Your Eyes is now available as a Fine Art Print in my Shop. I’m also available for Commission and Exhibition opportunities. If you would like to discuss purchasing an original piece of art from my Gallery, then you can Contact me directly.

Monochrome contemporary painting of a 1950s pin-up standing on a table in a Victorian house.

Grab Your Eyes – Lee Gascoyne 2012 – Click on the image to view more detailed pictures of this painting.

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