New series of drawings/paintings

Here’s a sample of some paintings I am working on that will probably form a series. They’re kind of hybrid between drawing and painting. I draw on top of a layer of acrylic using oil bar and then draw/blend again using my fingers/hand. When I paint these I am immersed in the physical act of mark making and pay no attention to any recognition that I may be forming anything figurative. It’s only afterwards, when I remove the masking tape which creates the paper border, that I begin to look. I dare say that everyone will see something different in these paintings, which changes on different viewings. To me they encourage pure looking and allow space for the imagination to roam in the 2 dimensional world. The oil paint is very sumptuous and creates a great surface in combination with the heavy Fabriano paper that I am using. My plan is to add a single touch of colour to each after I have lived with them during the drying process. This works in opposition to the spontaneous process I just described, in that a single considered mark may prove extremely troubling or could well be as spontaneous as the whole composition. I plan to sell these in my shop once they are finished and to keep adding more pieces in the series. All comments welcome.

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