React, adapt…transform.

It’s been a while, several months in fact since I posted to my blog last. I’m not sure why I’m writing this now and it doesn’t matter, as most bloggers  know (well, those of us without any active readers yet) it’s as much about the process of blogging than it is questioning why, otherwise we’d easily stall and stop. My blogging silence over the last few months has felt as natural as the times when I was blogging regularly. You can’t force it, although there is a case for consistency. My blogging dead air came about through major life changes, I moved from Yorkshire to The Lake District and returned to working full-time (not on my art) and later started a long-term relationship.

Most of us (and I include myself in this) have great difficulty in discovering our passions, our creativity, ourselves and how this all fits in with daily life. I feel very lucky to have made significant discoveries in my life and been able to act on them… taking action within personal circumstances that enable creative growth is a major hurdle that we can all identify with. The point here, is that very often the opportunity exists, but we fail to see it, capitalise on it and take action. Knowing what your passions are and that they are subject to change is only the start of what I’m going to call ‘taking them out of their boxes’. I dare say we all have a few talents hidden in boxes, things we maybe previously enjoyed but didn’t continue, stored away for the ‘rainy day’ that never seems to come. We’re not all of course going to be successful (in the worldly sense) artists earning a living from our endeavors. The challenge I set myself, which I’d like to extend to you is to react, adapt and transform.

New work 'resting' on my studio walls

New work ‘resting’ on my studio walls.

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