Space2Create Collaboration…progress (part 3)


In my last blog of this thread I posted some photographs of the background layers I’ve been working on. In this post I’d like to share some more images of the progress I’ve made.

The background layers were created using very loose brushwork with a relatively wide paint brush. The layers and brush strokes that can be seen are in various tones of grey. There’s also a lot of paper collage work in there as well, for both tone and surface texture. I prepared the collage material by taping down several sheets of watercolour paper (I tend to grab whatever is at hand most of the time in the studio, or if I go ‘looking’ for paper in my studio I don’t over think things once I found something that fits my idea) and then painted them with different intensities of washes of indian ink. The effect being not too dissimilar to tones of grey (the white of the paper acts as a substitute for white paint, which is the main device within watercolour painting). Once dried, I ripped all the pieces of paper up and then collaged them onto the canvas. I then painted over the paper collage with transparent layers.

In the next stage I collaged lengths of Herdwick wool (taken from the leftovers of a recent jumper knitted by my mum that I ‘commissioned’) cut randomly and applied without forethought. The Herdwick sheep and it’s wool is one of the things The Lake District is famous for (for those of you who don’t know, I live in Kendal, which is right on the doorstep of The Lake District in Cumbria, UK).

IMG_0893I like the sense of movement in the painting, as the ‘theme’ that I’m working on is based on a murmuration of starlings (there are other aspects to talk about, but more of that later). My theme so to speak is part of the collaborative aspect of this painting taken from a piece of creative writing passed on to me from Space2Create (see previous posts for more details). My vision for the painting from this point is to create a fade from bottom left to top right of a single starling stencilled many many times. The fade will be from white to black, which is similar to the pattern on a starling’s feathers (white tipped). I plan to add another starling on its own that will be different to the one stencilled.  IMG_0895IMG_0898IMG_0896

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