Space2Create Collaboration…progress (part 4)


Each week, Wednesday is my time to spend in my studio, a little midweek oasis of creative activity! This week ‘Studio Wednesday‘ as I like to call it was punctuated with a lunchtime wild swim at Gurnal Dubs near Kendal. The weather was amazing and we could have easily spend the rest of the day there, but my studio was calling me and this painting wanted to be moved on to the next stage.


Gurnal Dubs (wild swimming place) near Kendal, Cumbria, UK.

So, the painting…more stencil work today. I’ve added more starling silhouettes in a very light shade of grey, painted over the white silhouettes. As you can see from the photograph below, the white is still visible in places, creating more of an abstract pattern at a distance. I’m also adding depth with layers of Liquitex Gloss Medium. On closer inspection there is a lot more going on and it’s getting very interesting! The painting is starting to tell me what it’s about in relation to the piece of writing that I was given, which I can now include here (below). Don’t worry I’m not going mad! This is something that I have noticed happens when I really engage with the process of how I paint. I tend to work and react as I’m going along, and this includes ‘listening’ to what the painting is telling me as it progresses. It’s a very exciting way of working that demands a lot of confidence and awareness of oneself and in one’s working method (not something that develops overnight of course!).


The painting is suggesting to me, safety in numbers, getting lost in the crowd and fitting in (‘feathers plucked’…which can be how we hurt ourselves and are hurt by others when young and immature/innocent), versus breaking free, individualism, uniqueness and growing up (‘she has come of age’). This will no doubt evolve as the painting progresses.

Here’s the piece of writing given to me from Space2Create:


My little one,

My starling bird.

Some feathers plucked,

Plumage distressed, but

She has come of age

And now can fly.

She spreads her wings

And joins the murmuration

Of the vast, wide open sky.

She darts, dives,

Swoops and soars.

She’s revelling in flight.

The freedom of the dawn-
Daybreak and she’s off,

Up and on the wing, away.

Late in the day, she’ll

Come home to roost when

All her journey’s done.

No cage, no bars,

Can trap or stop her

Travelling. The great

Migrations of the years, until

She finds her place to be.

My little starling bird –

She is, at long last, free.


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