Space2Create Collaboration (part 1)

As part of Green Door Artists in Cumbria, I recently received an email newsletter with a link to a new project being run by Space2Create.


‘We firmly believe in the benefits of being creative as part of a group. For anyone who has found themselves isolated or excluded while experiencing long term physical or mental health conditions, the road to recovery is a daunting prospect.

We provide creative opportunities which are supportive, accessible and unthreatening. All our sessions have a very positive atmosphere and the participants are mutually supportive. Again and again we see service users improve their confidence, self respect and wellbeing as they move towards recovery and back to being part of their community.

We support individuals to move forward at a pace suitable for them, looking to help them become more involved and eventually take on volunteer roles, education opportunities or look to return to employment’.

The plan for the project is for a creative writing group to produce a body of work as poems or prose with a theme of change and transformation (to be completed by 22nd June). This may be linked to personal changes made in their lives as a consequence of illness or be an imagined transformation.

The next stage (which I will be part of), artists will receive a piece of writing or poem to work from. The idea being to take inspiration from the whole piece, a single line or even a phrase. Interaction between writers and artists is encouraged to help build confidence in the writing group participants. Finished work will be exhibited and auctioned off to help raise funds for future projects.

I am really intreagued to be part of this project and look forward to making a painting inspired by a piece of writing from one of the participants. I like to challenge myself and so having a starting point supplied is a good way of introducing a different way of working. More importantly I want to support such a good project and the work that Space2Create are doing.

I will blog more as things develop!

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