The Origin of Ideas – L.S.P. (Light, Shade & Perspective).

Impasto Liquitex Super Heavy Body Gel on Raw Linen, brush strokes, cadmium orange

Click on the image to view more of this painting.

L.S.P. is an abbreviation of Light, Shade & Perspective that are the main devices used in figurative representational painting. The composition of this painting came from a study I did quite a while ago that I’d forgotten about until recently when I uncovered it. L.S.P. came together quickly and spontaneously based on its elements already being in place. For example, as I’ve already mentioned I created a study, but I also had some frame off cuts that were the right dimensions in my studio. The main factor though was how I substituted the theme of my study, which was a lamp shade emitting a beam of light with my current theme of brush, impasto marks and the colour cadmium orange (in conjunction with the use of monochrome in representation). I like the playful connection between the form and representation of the light shade to that of the pun on the painterly devices of light and shade in painting. The light beam stands in nicely for the perspectival device of the vanishing point used in linear perspective.

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