The Origin of Ideas – Sight Specific – Replication, Visual Perception & 3D Perspective

Detail of a contemporary sculpture comprising of a carved telephone, table and book by the artist Lee Gascoyne 2010

Click on the image to view more of this artwork,

My underpinning ideas behind Sight Specific are to reference visual perception in relation to being separated from the sense of touch. For example, if we are looking at two telephones that appear for all intents and purposes ‘real’, without touching them how do we establish their true status? In a gallery situation we are not usually permitted to touch sculptures, so this is also another avenue that motivated my choice of object (telephones are very tactile objects, one is real and the other I carved out of MDF). The other aspect to the sculpture that is overlooked is the table, which I constructed with an induced one point perspective (in the way it would be rendered 2 dimensionally). Again this is referencing visual perception in relation to physical reality. When we isolate vision, a square table top does not appear square. We make an assumption based on the previous experience of measuring through touch. It’s also not expected that a table would not be square. Potentially the only obvious object that is ‘sculpted’ is the ‘book’ on the left (which also has one point perspective built into its shape in relation to that of the table). The book on the right contains my notes and developments while making the sculpture.

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