The Origin of Ideas – Transition – Triptych

Detail of a fine art painting that has oil bar layered under acrylic gel and resin, showing the view from a window in a victorian house

Click on the image to view more of this painting

Transition is a piece created during a time of great change for me, where those changes disrupted my working method. I was aware that I was in a phase of readdressing how I make art, and so this piece is a physical manifestation of me contemplating this issue. I spent a lot of time sitting in my leather chair looking out of the window and eventually established the window as a theme in the work. It seemed ideal as a metaphor for the boundary between internal and external, both in terms of the physical aspect of being in a building and looking out as well as referencing the internal world of the mind looking out through the senses. It also brings up the connotation of referencing the picture plane itself; painting as a window into the world of the imagined. The triptych is balanced by my decision to mirror the image of the window, which in effect frames the centre panel. My intention was to give the impression that they are two separate windows, with the viewer at the centre faced with the image of the telephone with its receiver off the hook. The meaning of this is intentionally ambiguous and open to interpretation. Is there someone on the other end of the phone waiting? Has the person lifted the receiver off its hook in order not to be communicated with? Is it a metaphor for time suspended? Does it represent the inadequacy of words to describe something beyond themselves?

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