‘Transition’ – Revisited

Today I rephotographed my painting Transition to incorporate some staged reflections. This is an interest that I have been continuing to develop for some time, mainly since my painting Tabletops, Televisions and Aeroplanes, which has a mirror containing a reflection of the room it is in on its surface (the same can be said of the TV screen in the painting). Of course there is no actual reflected image or reflective surface in terms of the painting itself. These two elements I find very interesting, particularly when most artwork is reproduced online or in a book via a photograph. Rather than see the photograph as a documentation device, I am intrigued by its potential to take another step with the piece itself, hence my photographs of Transition. You can now see on the reflective surfaces of the paintings, reflections that are the content on the paintings themselves (the light from the window is from the same window depicted in the paintings, and the telephone is my carved telephone borrowed from my sculpture Sight Specific). I could say a lot more about the spacial dynamics of this image but will leave that for another post! Check out my painting Observation Without Manipulation, which also is a multilayer exploration of this ‘theme’.
  Transition – Lee Gascoyne 2012
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